HP Deskjet 6840 Printer series - Recycling

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Design for recycling has been incorporated into this printer. The number of materials

has been kept to a minimum while ensuring proper functionality and reliability.

Dissimilar materials have been designed to separate easily. Fasteners and other

connections are easy to locate, access, and remove using common tools. High-

priority parts have been designed to gain access to quickly for efficient disassembly

and repair.

HP Deskjet 6800 series printer


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Printer packaging: The packaging materials for this printer have been selected to

provide maximum protection for the least cost possible, while attempting to minimize

environmental impact and facilitate recycling. The rugged design of the HP Deskjet

printer assists in minimizing both packaging materials and damage rates.
Plastic parts: All major plastics and plastic parts are marked according to

international standards. All plastic parts used in the printer housing and chassis are

technically recyclable and all use a single polymer.
Product longevity: To ensure the longevity of your HP Deskjet printer, HP provides

the following:

• Extended warranty: Details can be found in the reference guide that came with

your printer.

• Product take-back: To return this product to HP at the end of its useful life, go

to www.hp.com/recycle. To return empty print cartridges to HP, see


cartridge recovery


Note: The extended warranty and product take-back options are not

available in all countries/regions.