HP Deskjet 6840 Printer series - WEP keys

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WEP keys

Devices on a WEP-enabled network use

WEP keys

to encode data.

WEP keys can also be used for authentication.
After creating a set of WEP keys, record and store the keys in a secure location.

You may not be able to retrieve the WEP keys if you lose them.

Caution: If you lose the WEP keys, you will not be able to add a new device

to your network without reconfiguring the WEP settings for every device on

the network.

A WEP-enabled network might use multiple WEP keys. Each WEP key is assigned

a key number (such as Key 2). Each device on the network must recognize all the

network's WEP keys and the key number assigned to each WEP key.