HP Deskjet 6840 Printer series - 4.3.4  Connecting the printer to an Ethernet network

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4.3.4 Connecting the printer to an Ethernet network

Follow these steps to connect the printer to an Ethernet network:

1. If necessary, set up the printer hardware.

For printer hardware setup instructions, see the setup poster that came with

the printer.

2. Verify that the printer is powered on.
3. Connect the

Ethernet cable

to an available port on the network





Note: Do not plug the Ethernet cable into a port labeled WAN or Uplink.

4. Connect the Ethernet cable to the Ethernet port on the back of the printer.

HP Deskjet 6800 series printer


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Note: The printer's wireless radio is disabled when a Ethernet cable is

connected to the printer.

5. Do one of the following:

State of the Link light Task

Go to step 6.


Repeat steps

2 through 4

. If the lights are still off, then

verify the following items:

• The printer is powered on.
• The network




is powered on.

• All cable connections are secure.
• You are using an

Ethernet cable



Print an HP Report page


7. Install the

printer software

on each computer that will use the printer.

Caution: It is recommended that the printer and the computers that use it be

on the same subnet. Printer installation across subnets can be problematic

depending on the type of router used.