HP Deskjet 6840 Printer series - 8.7  Printing collated copies

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8.7 Printing collated copies

If you are printing several copies of a document at one time, use collation so that

you do not have to re-arrange the copies after printing.

Note: Some software programs do not allow you use the printer software to

specify the number of copies to print. If the program that you are using

allows you to specify the number of copies to print, then specify the number

of copies to print in the application.

HP Deskjet 6800 series printer


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Follow these steps to print collated copies:

1. Open the

Printer Properties

dialog box.

2. Click the Basics tab.

3. Type the number of copies that you want to print in the Copy count box.
4. Select the Collate check box.
5. Select any other print settings that you want, and then click OK.